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Welcome to the website for the Tucson Badminton Club.  The club exists to promote recreational and competitive Badminton in the City of Tucson, AZ.  We are fortunate to have a number of recreation centers where you can play 6 days a week at different times of the day.  From 6:00AM, for those who prefer to play before work, to Saturday afternoons for those less eager, you can find people playing badminton.  From beginners to experienced players, you can find players with similar abilities to play with at very reasonable prices. The city also hosts Senior Tournaments and the University of Arizona, located in midtown, hosts open tournaments as well.

In time we hope this site will become useful for players in Tucson or looking to play here or communicate with likeminded individuals. There is a forum on this site which will enable you to join the badminton community of tucson on this site and ask questions or find some people to play with.

Please take the time to create a profile to use this site. It’s free and none of your details will ever be given out to third parties or used for marketing purposes. I hope you can help make this site a useful addition to the badminton community in Tucson.

You can also use our facebook page to read and catch up what’s new on this site if you prefer. Please feel free to contact us using the form below:

with thanks from:
President: Richard Alexander
Vice president: Cho Lik Chan
Secretary: Jean Cary
Treasurer: Marylee Pangman
Sunshine Coordinator: Jean Cary

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