free certified badminton umpire training details

umpz2dawumpzBecoming a Regional Certified Umpire has some potential benefits.  If you can get to an event that needs umpires you will usually be given room, meals and a $35.00/day per diem.  At some events you will also be allowed to play for free and you may have your travel expenses reimbursed as well.  If you go on to higher classifications you may get to travel out of the country.
OK.  The schedule for training is Friday Jan. 24 at 6:00PM at the Student Rec Center, then Friday January 31 at 6:00PM at the Udall Rec Center The first meeting is to go over the official rules of the game.  The second is to go over how to umpire and keep score.
Anyone who is able should try and spend part of Saturday and/or Sunday Feb. 1&2 umpiring at the Tucson Senior Olympics Badminton event.  It will be held at the Udall Rec Center from 9:00AM-6:00PM on Saturday and 9:00AM- 2:00PM on Sunday.
On February 28th David Carton will be at the Udall Rec Center at 6:00PM to answer any last minute questions and to administer the certification test.  He will also observe the umpires in action on March 1st 9:00AM – 6:00PM at Udall for the first Day of the AZ Senior Olympics Badminton event.  Umpires are encouraged to also work the next day which begins at 9:00AM and goes through 2:00PM.
All this leads to as many umpires as possible being available March 20-22 for the USAB Masters Tournament.  This will be held at the U of A Student Rec Center South Gym.  Hours Thur. March 20 8:00AM-10:00PM, Friday March 21 8:00AM-6:00PM and Saturday March 22 8:00AM – 10:00PM.
NOTE:  No one is expected to be available all the time.  Anytime you can give is appreciated.
We hope you all consider becoming trained, it’s really a great opportunity!

university spring opening times

bannerWe received notice of of our Spring semester hours for practice:

Friday: 6pm-10pm (North Gym- 2 courts)
Sunday: 10am-12pm (North Gym- 2 courts)

Thankfully, these are the same hours as usual.

Our first official day back is 1/17, so I’m looking forward to seeing everyone return!

This Sunday (1/12) however, the Rec Center is closed all-day for employee training, so get your badminton tonight from 6-10pm!

On another note, umpire training is tentatively set for 1/24 and 1/31 in one of the Rec Center conference rooms. More information will be sent out later.

UA badminton winter opening times

bannerI was notified yesterday that the official last day for all club practices was Wednesday December 11th. This means we do not have any more reservations on the courts during our practice times (Friday and Sunday).

However, I called the Rec Center, and they said we can still show up and play tomorrow and Sunday as usual. Since we do not have “official” reservations of the basketball courts, I would encourage only setting up nets that will be used.

That being said, during winter break, we can still use the gym for badminton, but we again won’t have official reservations for the courts so practice space is not guaranteed. I don’t believe this will be a problem since the dorms close during winter break as well.

Rec center will be closed: December 24th-January 1st.

*Rec center winter break (December 21st-January 12th) hours:*
Friday- Close at 10pm (instead of 11pm)
Sunday-No changes

photos from TBC fun games


The Tucson Badminton Club fun games and picnic was a successful and fun event. With the emphasis placed on fun, the players made groups of four and had to play badminton games designed to level the playing field and encourage some laughs.

Players had to play one game with their non dominant hand, play tied to their partner, wear an eye patch to reduce depth perception for another and finally play with a covered net. The normal ‘favorites’ in tournaments did not stand a chance and it was fun to see new players win some prizes!

After, the cookout served plenty of food and drinks and everyone socialized in the nice climate in the park. Here are the photos from the Tucson Badminton Club Fun Event. They are on our badminton tucson facebook page, but you do not need to be a member of facebook to view them.

Many thanks to the Tucson Badminton Club for hosting a great event.

Tucson Badminton Club Fun Event and Picnic

Olympics+Day+8+Badminton+Jnfbqnk1CVrlSaturday December 7, 2013
10:00am until 12:00pm
Morris K. Udall Park

Come and play some different badminton games at the Udall!



4 Doubles Matches:
Play with your Opposite Hand
Play with One Eye Covered
Plat with the Net Covered
Play Tied To your Partner

$5.00 for TBC members all other $10.00 (includes one year TBC membership)
Picnic to follow at Udall Park Ramadas 8 & 9. Tucson Badminton Club will provide: Hot dogs, hamburgers, sausages, cups, plates, water & ice chests. Bring a side dish or desert if you like.

free umpire training!

umpz2dawumpzTucson Badminton Club, Tucson Sports, and UA Badminton Sports Club will be hosting the USA Badminton Masters Tournament during Spring Break (March 19th – 23rd 2014). Nationally ranked players will be competing, and it is going to be an exciting week!

We will need many certified badminton umpires to help officiate this tournament, and Richard Alexander, President of Tucson Badminton Club, will be running a few training sessions for anyone who would like the opportunity to become an official badminton umpire (as certified umpires- you would also be able to officiate any national games).

The training sessions will consist of the following:

Session 1 (1 hour) – go over all the badminton rules. Booklets will be distributed.

Session 2 (1 hour) – scoring sheets, the way to officiate a game.

There are two tournaments coming up, Tucson Senior Games (2/1-2/2014) and Arizona State Senior Games (3/1-2/2014). These will be great opportunities to practice with officiating badminton games.

Tucson Badminton Club is working with Dave Carlton, the USA badminton umpire technical officier, to arrange a trip. He will be here in Tucson, usually just before the Arizona State Senior Games, to administer the written exam for the certification.

Because of the two tournaments, and the fact that UA school starts on 1/15/2014, these training sessions will most likely be on 1/17/2014 and 1/24/2014.

Another email will be sent out closer to the training dates once details have been finalized.

tournament feedback needed!

bannerHi everyone,
For anyone who participated in the tournament, we would like to receive some feedback to help improve things for next time.
Here is the link to the anonymous survey:
Thank you!
UA Badminton

aileen primero tournament photos


Thank you to everyone who came out to support the badminton tournament this Saturday. You can view the photographs on our facebook page by clicking on this link. You do not need to have an account with facebook to view the photos.

We were able to raise just over $1000 for the Aileen Primero Scholarship Fund!

We’d especially like to thank: Yukari for donating bananas and delicious inari sushi, Tucson Badminton Club for providing blue backdrops, Ramesh for donating granola bars, Alisha/Jimmy for organizing the courts, Monica for making the brackets, and Stephen for taking lots of pictures.

Congratulations to:

Int Men’s Doubles:
1st – Stephen L. and Abdul R.
2nd – Bheo G. and Sanjeev M.

Adv Men’s Doubles:
1st – Giao Q.and Mark T.
2nd – Saburo S. and Rob W.

Women’s Doubles:
1st – Monica X. and Jill Y.
2nd – Nga L. and Chandler B.

Mixed Doubles:
1st – Theo and Steve H.
2nd – An N. and Doug T.

Another closure at the University! :(

bannerUnfortunately, due to the UA football game tomorrow (Friday August 29, 2013), the recreation center is closed at 6pm and practice is cancelled. Practice will resume on Sunday at 10am.

If a game occurs again on a friday, this will reoccur.

more court time at the University

bannerThe president of University of Arizona’s badminton club informed us that as of Friday August 30, badminton players will be able to use all 6 courts from 6pm. I know many people turn up at 8 as they only think there are 3 courts until then, but unless we hear any different, feel free to turn up at 6pm and enjoy all 6 courts!