free certified badminton umpire training details

umpz2dawumpzBecoming a Regional Certified Umpire has some potential benefits.  If you can get to an event that needs umpires you will usually be given room, meals and a $35.00/day per diem.  At some events you will also be allowed to play for free and you may have your travel expenses reimbursed as well.  If you go on to higher classifications you may get to travel out of the country.
OK.  The schedule for training is Friday Jan. 24 at 6:00PM at the Student Rec Center, then Friday January 31 at 6:00PM at the Udall Rec Center The first meeting is to go over the official rules of the game.  The second is to go over how to umpire and keep score.
Anyone who is able should try and spend part of Saturday and/or Sunday Feb. 1&2 umpiring at the Tucson Senior Olympics Badminton event.  It will be held at the Udall Rec Center from 9:00AM-6:00PM on Saturday and 9:00AM- 2:00PM on Sunday.
On February 28th David Carton will be at the Udall Rec Center at 6:00PM to answer any last minute questions and to administer the certification test.  He will also observe the umpires in action on March 1st 9:00AM – 6:00PM at Udall for the first Day of the AZ Senior Olympics Badminton event.  Umpires are encouraged to also work the next day which begins at 9:00AM and goes through 2:00PM.
All this leads to as many umpires as possible being available March 20-22 for the USAB Masters Tournament.  This will be held at the U of A Student Rec Center South Gym.  Hours Thur. March 20 8:00AM-10:00PM, Friday March 21 8:00AM-6:00PM and Saturday March 22 8:00AM – 10:00PM.
NOTE:  No one is expected to be available all the time.  Anytime you can give is appreciated.
We hope you all consider becoming trained, it’s really a great opportunity!

free umpire training!

umpz2dawumpzTucson Badminton Club, Tucson Sports, and UA Badminton Sports Club will be hosting the USA Badminton Masters Tournament during Spring Break (March 19th – 23rd 2014). Nationally ranked players will be competing, and it is going to be an exciting week!

We will need many certified badminton umpires to help officiate this tournament, and Richard Alexander, President of Tucson Badminton Club, will be running a few training sessions for anyone who would like the opportunity to become an official badminton umpire (as certified umpires- you would also be able to officiate any national games).

The training sessions will consist of the following:

Session 1 (1 hour) – go over all the badminton rules. Booklets will be distributed.

Session 2 (1 hour) – scoring sheets, the way to officiate a game.

There are two tournaments coming up, Tucson Senior Games (2/1-2/2014) and Arizona State Senior Games (3/1-2/2014). These will be great opportunities to practice with officiating badminton games.

Tucson Badminton Club is working with Dave Carlton, the USA badminton umpire technical officier, to arrange a trip. He will be here in Tucson, usually just before the Arizona State Senior Games, to administer the written exam for the certification.

Because of the two tournaments, and the fact that UA school starts on 1/15/2014, these training sessions will most likely be on 1/17/2014 and 1/24/2014.

Another email will be sent out closer to the training dates once details have been finalized.


Olympics+Day+8+Badminton+Jnfbqnk1CVrlStarting this Sunday June 30th, and continuing subsequent Sundays until the Fall semester starts, we will be having badminton training sessions from 10am-11am at the University Recreation Center.


Kevin and Rob will provide instruction during this time on 2 courts, while the other 4 courts will still be available for free play. If needed, several other advanced players have offered to help coach during this time, and we could potentially have 3 training courts.

Of course, these sessions will vary week to week, but we wanted to provide the opportunity for people of all skill levels to improve!



badminton classes from TPR

tucsonprJust a reminder that if you haven’t signed up for Badminton classes with Diane Hendricks it’s getting late.

The Program Guide and Class Catalog is available at all Parks and Recreation facilities, including district offices, centers and pools. The summer issue can also be viewed on-line at:

Register now for Badminton classes using the EZEEreg Registration system, either on-line at: or by phone at 573-3933. The summer offerings fill up quickly. The deadline for most class registrations is Sunday, May 19.

For questions or more information on registration or programs contact Registration Services at 791-4877.


We will be holding a skills session for University of Arizona badminton club players on Sunday February 3rd (that will be the Sunday after this coming one) from 10am to noon on one side of the gym.  The other side will be open for free play.  Feel free to join us for either one.

Professional Olympic Training – Badminton Camp

dennis christiensenWhilst not in Arizona, (in fact it’s a bit of a distance in North Carolina), the Tucson Badminton Club wanted to spread the word about a Training Camp with an Olympic Danish professional badminton coach, Dennis Christensen who will be accompanied by Brendon Morgan from Canada with great experience as a player, coach and club manager and will also be holding the training camp for Adults.

Here is the player information about the Dennis Christensen/North Carolina Badminton Club’s Summer Camps.   All of this information should also be online within a few days at But the flyer with dates and details can be viewed here.
NCBC has made a few changes this year:

1.  Mainly, we have added an adult weekend camp (Sat. & Sun).  The weekend camp head coach will be Brendon Morgan from Canada.  He comes to us with great experience as a player, coach and club manager.  We anticipate that Brendon will be able to bring some Canadian Junior competitive players with him.

2.  The Dennis Christensen 4 day camp will be headed by Dennis himself.  He will be coming straight to North Carolina from the 2012 Summer Olympic Games in London, England as the head coach for the Swedish National Team.  If he is able to arrive early, he may be available for the weekend camp also.

3.  NCBC has chosen Comfort Suites as the host hotel – complimentary airport pick up/return & venue transportation; complimentary hot breakfast

4.  NCBC can only offer accommodations for junior players in the junior camp.

They expect the camps to fill up quickly this year, so get your application and deposit in soon! Don’t hesitate to contact Lisa J. Ward, (NCBC and Dennis Christensen Camp Director) by email – lisa14q(at) (replace “(at)” with @ )

free quality badminton training videos

badzi’m sure many of you have scoured the internet for tips on badminton instructional videos. there are many out there and some differ. a friend of mine, known to the professional badminton community as “ai-yoh” recently pointed me to an excellent badminton training website.

This site features the following videos with subtitles where appropriate from these masters:

Coach Peter Rasmussen was the 1997 Badminton World Champion in Men’s Singles.
Coach Zhao Jianhua, nicknamed the Badminton King, is the former 1991 World Champion.
Coach Xiao Jie, nicknamed the Badminton Professor, is an actual professor teaching at the Capital Institute of Physical Education university in Beijing, China.
Coach Chen Weihua was a former coach of the popular world and olympic champion, Lin Dan.

beginner badminton lessons at the YMCA

Mark Anderson of the Tucson Badminton Club is going to hold badminton lessons for beginners at the Tucson YMCA starting from April 12th to April 26th, 2012.

Their address is: 7770 North Shannon Road  Tucson, AZ 85741. (520) 229-9001

Marks says:

“I am starting a beginning badminton class at the Y at the corner of Shannon and Magee (Cortaro Farms Road). This is an opportunity for non-Y members to be able to come to the open badminton play on Thursday’s from 2-4 without paying the exorbitant $10 daily entrance fee. The cost for the class for non-members is $10 class fee and a $40 activity fee. This activity fee is the important thing. This fee allows you to come in only to play badminton on Thursdays from 2-4 for an entire year. Please remember to keep any receipt that they give you so that you can use it to get in later should they stop you at the front desk. You do not really need to attend the class.

The class will start on Thursday April 5th at 1:00. If you do come you can take over one one of the courts and get a little extra playtime. We will have the gym from 1:00 to 4:00 on that one day only. After that, those that want a lesson can get some pointers at 2:00 on the following Thursdays from April 12th to April 26th. If people show up, I will grab one of our 4 courts and I will do a beginner class for 1 hour on each of those Thursdays.

This is mainly an opportunity to play badminton at the Y in a reasonably inexpensive way. Come to the front desk and sign up for the class. The YMCA is a non-profit organization that works with a lot of the local youth with fitness programs that promote leadership, honesty and respect. Any contribution that you would consider at that time would be appreciated. It is a worthy cause.”

ever wanted to umpire?

Tucson Badminton Club want to train some umpires for tournaments to be held in town. This is free of charge! This is an opportunity for you to become an official umpire. You will be able to participate and help out in USA Badminton sanctioned tournaments nationwide.

USA Badminton Umpire Training and Certification:

Here are the details about the umpire clinic.

Date of training: Friday, Jan 27
Time: 4:30 p.m.
Place: Udall Center (look on “where to play” link for directions).
Instructor: Dave Carton

A couple of hours of instruction followed by a little test. Umpires will be able to practice by umpiring games at the Tucson Senior Olympics. I believe Dave will be hanging around a bit on Saturday to supervise folks.


one of the greatest shots to have in the arsenal – just not everyone is equipped. here is a useful tip from a pro: