photos from october 2015 tournament

bannerPhotos from the Aileen Primero 2015 Tournament are online on our facebook page. The photos are public so you don’t need to have a facebook account to view them. Many thanks to everyone at the UA Badminton Club for hosting a wonderful tournament. Many say it was the best one yet, well done Nico, Abhishek and the badz team. We will keep you posted for the next tournament!

photos from TBC fun games


The Tucson Badminton Club fun games and picnic was a successful and fun event. With the emphasis placed on fun, the players made groups of four and had to play badminton games designed to level the playing field and encourage some laughs.

Players had to play one game with their non dominant hand, play tied to their partner, wear an eye patch to reduce depth perception for another and finally play with a covered net. The normal ‘favorites’ in tournaments did not stand a chance and it was fun to see new players win some prizes!

After, the cookout served plenty of food and drinks and everyone socialized in the nice climate in the park. Here are the photos from the Tucson Badminton Club Fun Event. They are on our badminton tucson facebook page, but you do not need to be a member of facebook to view them.

Many thanks to the Tucson Badminton Club for hosting a great event.

aileen primero tournament photos


Thank you to everyone who came out to support the badminton tournament this Saturday. You can view the photographs on our facebook page by clicking on this link. You do not need to have an account with facebook to view the photos.

We were able to raise just over $1000 for the Aileen Primero Scholarship Fund!

We’d especially like to thank: Yukari for donating bananas and delicious inari sushi, Tucson Badminton Club for providing blue backdrops, Ramesh for donating granola bars, Alisha/Jimmy for organizing the courts, Monica for making the brackets, and Stephen for taking lots of pictures.

Congratulations to:

Int Men’s Doubles:
1st – Stephen L. and Abdul R.
2nd – Bheo G. and Sanjeev M.

Adv Men’s Doubles:
1st – Giao Q.and Mark T.
2nd – Saburo S. and Rob W.

Women’s Doubles:
1st – Monica X. and Jill Y.
2nd – Nga L. and Chandler B.

Mixed Doubles:
1st – Theo and Steve H.
2nd – An N. and Doug T.

2013 Grand Canyon State Badminton Games

grand canyon gamesThe photos from the 2013 Grand Canyon State Games Badminton tournament can be viewed on our facebook page by clicking this link. You do not need to be a member of facebook to view these photos. Enjoy!



a message from the smashcats president

bannerWith another year behind us, we decided to restart a tradition that has been overlooked for some time: The year-end banquet. This get-together serves as a chance for us to wrap up the (school) year and also bid a fond farewell to those taking their leave. This year has seen several veteran members moving on to bigger and better things and we wish them all the best. Special thanks to Yukari-san for setting up this special dinner and also for her generosity and consideration in putting together gifts for those who are leaving. Thanks also to Dr. Chan, Kevin, and the new officers Sierra, Nico, Stephanie, and Stephen for their part in putting together the collages. Feast your eyes (pun, of course, intended) on the link!

smashcats march 2013 photos

ua badminton tournamentphotos from the tournament are up on our facebook page! You can click on this link or try this:

You do not need a facebook account to view these pictures.

thanks so Zow, Monica and Alisha for once again running a fantastic tournament!

Senior Olympics photos March 2013

arizona senior olympics

You can see some photos from the games on our facebook page. You do not have to be a member of facebook to view them, just click on this link.

Thanks to everyone who made this a successful event and many congratulations to all who participated and to the winners!

tucson senior olympics photos

photos from the Tucson Senior Olympics are on our facebook page. You do not need to sign up or join facebook to see the pictures, just click this link. As soon as we get more from others who took photos at the event we will add those to the album also. Enjoy!

photos from the fun event and picnic

There are some photos from the badminton club event on our facebook page. You can view the photos by clicking this link. You do not have to sign up to facebook to view these photos, but if you want to, please like our facebook page to get updates on events, closure time and other badminton related news around Tucson.

Aileen Primero photographs now online!

ua badminton tournamentPhotos from this years tournament are on our facebook page! You don’t need to have a facebook account to view them, just click this link to view the photos! Thanks to all at the University of Arizona’s badminton club for running an excellent tournament!