ua badminton tournamentWe will be holding our own tournament on March 23rd 2013…it will be a doubles tournament with Men’s, Women’s, and Mixed doubles, split into Advanced and Intermediate levels when there are enough entries. All players from anywhere are welcome. You don’t have to be a member of Tucson or UA badminton clubs. If you don’t have a partner, we will find one for you. More info will follow, but save the date now!


We will be holding a skills session for University of Arizona badminton club players on Sunday February 3rd (that will be the Sunday after this coming one) from 10am to noon on one side of the gym.  The other side will be open for free play.  Feel free to join us for either one.

Dave Freeman tournament coming up Feb 22-24 2013 (San Diego)

Have a look at the flyer below. Fancy a trip to San Diego and to play a little badminton?

a message from the president regarding play tomorrow on

sunday Jan 13, 2013:

“Hi all,
I just called the Rec and they unfortunately do not have reservations for us tomorrow. However, there are no events so it’ll be first come first served. If we come early we’ll most likely be able to play, but please don’t kick anyone off since we do not have reservations tomorrow.”

Randolph Recreation center closure on Jan 21st

Please note that the Randolph Recreation center will be closed for Martin Luther King Jr. day on Monday January 21, 2013.

university of arizona badminton clubA message from the UA Badminton President:

Our spring semester will officially start next Friday January 11. The hours will be the same: Fridays 6pm-10pm and Sundays 10am-1pm.

Tucson senior olympics lunch deal

arizona senior olympicsThis is a reminder for those of you who are participating in the Tucson Senior Olympics and/or the Arizona State Senior Olympics Badminton Tournaments.
Once again lunch is being offered for both days of either tournament for a one time charge of $5.00.  Pat Stinson is collecting the money for this so please have an extra five or ten on you for her.

Happy New Year, TBC administration announcements

With the start of the New Year we are once again collecting dues of $5.00. Many of you have paid already and, yes I know you can hold out until the end of February but if you see Pat Stinson, Mark Anderson or Richard Alexander you can take care of that now and get it out of the way.

The annual meeting this year will take place on Friday February 1, as you may remember we changed the bylaws so that the meeting could be held on any date in the first week of that month. Part of the reason was so that we could hold the meeting in the evening (Wednesday night was no a great night to go out) to accommodate more members.
The purpose of the meeting is to elect officers for next year. Jean Cary, Cholik Chan and myself are running again for Secretary, Vice President and President respectively and MaryLee Pangman is running for Treasurer as Mark Anderson is stepping down. Also we will be taking a vote to approve a modification to the bylaws to allow voting by email. Pat Stinson and I will have ballots and of course they will be available at the meeting.

The meeting will be held at 6:00PM at the Hibachi Super Buffet in the shopping center on the northwest side of Speedway and Swan. This is an all you can eat restaurant with everything from typical Chinese to Italian, Mexican, Japanese and American entrees. The is no problem for vegetarians or for those prefer fish as this place has it all and of course lots of deserts to choose from. And it’s only $9.99 per person. Now, you do not have to eat there but obviously their management would appreciate it if you did so if you would please get back to me in the next couple of weeks and let me know if you are coming I would be most grateful (yes, you can bring you spouses or significant others).

Thanks, Richard Alexander (president TBC)