SmashCats Doubles Spring 2012 Tournament!

ua smashcats badminton tournamentWell it’s been confirmed! The SmashCats Doubles Spring 2012 Tournament is coming. This is held at the University of Arizona (see the where to play page for directions) and is open to anyone. So you don’t have to be a student or an affiliate to enter and play. Put it in your diaries: Saturday March 24, 2012.

I have put an entry form here should you wish to download it and fill it in.

Here is a summary of the information you need to know:

Tournament Date: March 24th, 2012. Saturday.
Time: 8am – 7pm. Players not from Tucson will be accommodated for travel time.
Contact Person: Alisha Howe (President UA Badminton)
Fees per player: $20/30 for one/two events. $17/$27 for students (High School or College) Entrance includes shuttlecocks for all matches, round robin format ensures at least three matches  per division given enough entrants. Refreshments and lunch also provided.
Entry Deadline March 22, 2012. (Wednesday)

Format: Round Robin followed by single elimination of the top seeds in each division. Each match will be one game rally scoring to 30 points, win by 2, or a maximum of 40 points, change sides at 16.

You can email the president and book your place to play and then turn up and pay. You can fill out your form then. But do let them know if you’re intending to play so they can plan accordingly. I went last year for a similar tournament run by these guys and it was a lot of fun!