tucson badminton club bylaws

BYLAWS OF THE TUCSON BADMINTON CLUB (2008) (Amended 4-14- 2012)

The name of this club shall be The Tucson Badminton Club, hereinafter referred to in these  bylaws as TBC. The TBC is an informal, unincorporated entity whose principal location is in the City of Tucson, Arizona.
The TBC shall be a nonprofit, educational, service, athletic organization that encourages and promotes physical fitness and participation in badminton.
Section 1: The dues for membership shall be set by a vote of the majority of members present at a meeting of the TBC, and the amount may be changed from time to time as the need arises. A majority vote of members present at a general meeting is required to ratify any dues increase. Notice of a proposed dues increase shall be presented at least thirty (30) days before the vote, and shall be announced during at least one meeting preceding the meeting where voting will occur.
Section 2: Dues for existing members are payable as of January 1. Members must be paid up to be eligible to vote. Any member not paying before St Patrick’s Day (March 17) will be removed from the TBC membership roll. New members may join at any time.
Section 3: The TBC may charge fees or admission for various club-sponsored events in order to cover costs and expenses, for acquisition, repair or replacement of equipment needed for such sponsored events. The TBC may offer members discounts or subsidies for certain club-sponsored events.
Section 4: The TBC may maintain bank accounts and expend funds for expenses it incurs.
Expenditures of TBC funds greater than $50 shall require prior approval of the Executive
Committee. The president or the treasurer may authorize expenditures of less than $50.
Section 1: Officers shall be president, vice-president, secretary, treasurer, and the immediate past president. These officers shall comprise the Executive Committee. With the exception of the immediate past president, all officers shall be elected by the general membership of the TBC.
Section 2: The officers shall serve a term of one year without compensation. There are no term limits.
Section 3: Candidates for the offices shall be selected by a three-member nominating committee appointed by the president of TBC by Thanksgiving. Candidates may also be nominated by members prior to the election, and, if candidates accept the nomination, then they may be added to the list of candidates submitted by the nominating committee.
Section 4: Should a vacancy occur in any elected office prior to the expiration of the term of that office, a special election to fill the vacancy shall be held at the next general meeting. The nominees shall be selected in the same manner as set forth in section 3.
Section 5: The duties of the officers shall be as follows:
PRESIDENT: The president shall preside at all general and executive committee meetings. He or she shall appoint committees, and be an ex-officio member of such committees. He or she will supervise the general operation of the club and maintain communication with the membership. He or she can sign checks on the club’s accounts, and will keep the treasurer informed of any such signings.
VICE PRESIDENT: The vice president shall assist the president in his or her duties and act in place of the president in the event of the absence, inability or refusal of the president to serve and fulfill the duties of that office.
PAST PRESIDENT: The outgoing president shall serve as an officer, and will be available in an advisory capacity. He or she shall have a vote as an individual member, but not as an officer of TBC.
SECRETARY: The secretary shall take minutes at all general and executive committee meetings of TBC and maintain the records of the TBC. The secretary shall report, for approval, minutes of each meeting to the president and members present at the next general meeting. Should the secretary be absent from a meeting, he or she shall arrange for the minutes to be submitted by another current member of TBC. The secretary shall conduct the correspondence of the TBC.
TREASURER: The treasurer shall receive, deposit, and disburse funds, and maintain financial records of the club. The treasurer shall maintain one or more bank accounts for the purpose of depositing and disbursing TBC funds, sign (all) checks, maintain proper books of accounts and submit a statement of income, expenditures and balance at each general meeting. The treasurer shall cause an audit of the TBC financial records to be performed each year by a committee of three members of the TBC. The audit shall be conducted between the first of the calendar year and the TBC election date.
Section 1: The first Monday week of February will be a formal scheduled general meeting. A general meeting is open to all currently paid-up members of TBC. Election of officers for the coming year will be held at this meeting.
Section 2: All other general or executive meetings will be called as needed by the president or vice president. Notice of such meetings may be given by telephone, e-mail, mail, or in person.
Section 3: Minutes of general and executive meetings will be available to members upon request.
Section 4: Robert’s Rules of Order shall be the governing parliamentary law in all matters in
which they apply, except as provided in these bylaws.
Section 5: Amendments to these bylaws shall only be made upon a two-thirds (2/3) vote of
approval of members present at a general meeting. Absentee votes are allowed.
Section 6: Any member of the TBC may bring items of business to any scheduled general
Section 7: A quorum at a general meeting will consist of six voting members.
Section 8: Voting.
(a) All voting shall be by a show of hands unless a written ballot is requested by a member
present at the meeting.
(b) All actions requiring a vote, with the exception of amendments to the bylaws, will be
determined by a majority of votes cast.
(c) The president will adjudicate all voting procedures.
(d) Proxy voting is not allowed. Absentee voting is allowed. Absentee ballots should be in a
sealed and signed envelope and presented to the president prior to the relevant vote.
(e) The general membership may initiate a vote on any matter by presenting the president with a petition signed by ten (10) percent of those members with voting rights. A vote on the petition shall be held at the next general meeting following an announcement at least a fortnight before the scheduled vote.